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Prof. Dr. med. Manfred O. Doss and Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Stauch
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Prof. Dr. med. Manfred O. Doss
former Director of the Institute for
Clinical Biochemistry at the
Philipps-University Marburg
- Consultation Porphyria -
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Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Stauch
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May 2004
German Competence Center for
Porphyria Diagnostics and Consultation

Dear Colleagues,

we would like to inform you that we have established a new competence center for porphyria diagnosis at the laboratory of 'MVZ PD Dr. Volkmann und Kollegen GbR' in Karslruhe. The new center is based on experiences and research results of the Marburg Porphyria Center which will now be continued in cooperation with the institute in Karlsruhe. Head of the laboratory in Karlsruhe is Dr. Thomas Stauch who is working together with Professor Doss in a consiliary dimension.
Please do not hesitate to contact us considering all kinds of questions about diagnosis and therapy of porphyrias, disorders of porphyria metabolism or intoxications with heavy metals. Transfer sheets (test menus) “Consultation Porphyria” for the remittance of test samples (Urine, faeces, blood and tissue samples) can be ordered under phone number +49/721-850000 or +49/72185000133. Furthermore you can find more detailed infor-mation on clinical aspects of porphyria, consultation and treatment via internet:
www.porphyrie.de and www.doss-porphyrie.de
In many cases porphyrias are not diagnosed or excluded properly. Misdiagnoses and inade-quate therapeutic interventions are a frequent occurence. The collection and interpretation of laboratory results requires experience and competence. Our consiliary diagnostic interpreta-tions of the metabolic, enzymatic and molecular genetic data provide a reliable advice for the clinician in order to manage various problems of their patients.

With best regards
Sincerely yours
Prof. Dr. med. M.O. Doss

Konsultation Porphyrie

Dr. rer. nat. Th. Stauch

Leiter des Porphyrielabors